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Fuel Thermometers.
Thermometers. Jet Fuel Quality Control. ASTM Thermometers

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 Fuel Thermometers. Jet Fuel Quality Control Material


Aircraft refueling - Jet fuel quality control

Fuel thermometers. Thermometers. Jet Fuel Quality Control. ASTM Thermometers


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ASTM Thermometers

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Bi-Metal Thermometers - Product Id: 11504
Digital Thermometers- Product Id: 11504
Digital Vari-angle Thermometer - Product Id: 11328
Solar Digital Thermometer -
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Fuel thermometer. Thermometers. Jet Fuel Quality Control. ASTM Thermometers

ASTM Thermometers
ASTM Thermometers
ASTM Thermometers .The thermometers listed in the link are in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testings and Materials (ASTM). Many of the instruments are identical to the IP (BS 2000) thermometers  and are marked accordingly. While these thermometers were designed for use in specific tests many of them are used in other applications when precision thermometers are required. They are supplied in yellow back glass whenever possible...

Fuel thermometer. Thermometers. Jet Fuel Quality Control. ASTM Thermometers        Visit this link


Bi-Metal Thermometers.Fuel Thermometers.Jet fuel quality control. Jet fuel equipment for jet fuel refinery, jet fuel terminal and jet fuel trucks

Bi-Metal Thermometers

Bi-Metal Thermometers

Product Id: 11504

We carry a complete line of industrial bimetal thermometers and accessories provides quality choices for your temperature applications. There is a long history of superior quality in engineering, manufacturing and customer service of these products. Each industrial bimetal thermometer is backed by a limited five year warranty. Each instrument is manufactured to a standard accuracy of 1% of span (ASME B40.3, Grade A) traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The bimetal coils are heat treated for stability and overtemperature capability. A single helix is used to reduce lag time. The bearings are made of a low-friction longlife material. The shafts are made of specially drawn stainless steel with a very smooth finish. All joints are welded, and the weld between the stem and the outlet is located at the bottom of the threads to eliminate the possibility of crevice corrosion. Silicone dampening is included for improved vibration resistance. The Maxivision  dial eliminates parallax error by placing the pointer in the same plane as the graduations. The dial can be rotated 360 degrees and can be angled 180 degrees with the Everyangle connection.


DIGITAL THERMOMETERS.Fuel Thermometers.Jet fuel quality control. Jet fuel equipment for jet fuel refinery, jet fuel terminal and jet fuel trucks

Digital Thermometers

Product Id: 11166

The TP DIGITAL Thermometers havwe been developed for ease of use with its reel-case design. In addition to the case, the TP DIGITAL thermometers are designed to provide very high reliability, less maintenance, an extended temperature range, and high accuracy without a higher price. This has been achieved by utilizing a platinum RTD temperature sensor, using low power programmable electronics, improving the packaging and integrating field proven components. Other hardware items include the stretch cord grounding assembly and reel locking mechanism. To endure the environment, the TP DIGITAL Thermometers are manufactured of materials which are both immune to petrochemicals and are non-sparking. The enclosure is made of high impact plastic which dissipates static electricity and has proven to be tolerant to most petrochemicals, caustics or acids. As with all ThermoProbe instruments, the probe assembly is constructed with a very flexible, static-dissipating, aramid fiber reinforced, non-stick cable, and stainless steel sensor components. To ensure longevity of the user interface the faceplate is fabricated of engraved aluminum plate, a scratch resistant polycarbonate window and an O-Ring sealed switch. Operational Attributes: Easily replaceable 9V Battery, provides an average of 50 hours operation. If probe assembly replacement is necessary, the terminals allow simple connection of the wires. Circuit logic automatically indicates low battery condition, shows readout integrity before each operation, automatically shuts off after two minutes and displays error codes for failure determination. The low power backlight for night operation is photo sensor controlled for convenience and battery conservation. Celsius or Fahrenheit units with C/F indication can be easily chosen by an internal selector without recalibration. Includes: NIST traceable calibration certificate Limited Warranty ThermoTab Gauging Software for PalmOS


IGITAL VARI-ANGLE THERMOMETER-Fuel Thermometers.Jet fuel quality control. Jet fuel equipment for jet fuel refinery, jet fuel terminal and jet fuel trucks



Product Id: 11328

The Digital Vari-angle Thermometer maintains the strict requirements for themometers in hydronic applications in that they�re self-powered and within 1% accuracy. This reliable series of digital thermometers offers the added feature of stem assemblies for direct replacement of mercury-in-glass types where environmental concerns exist.


HOW TO CALIBRATE A DIGITAL THERMOMETER.Fuel Thermometers.Jet fuel quality control. Jet fuel equipment for jet fuel refinery, jet fuel terminal and jet fuel trucks HOW TO CALIBRATE A DIGITAL THERMOMETER

Product Id: 11505




Solar Digital Thermometer

Product Id: 11327

Digital Twin-Temp Thermometer We are pleased to offer our Digital Twin-Temp Thermometers. This is a first-of-its-kind temperature-indicating instrument. The thermometer merges the simplicity of an on-point digital reading utilizing a solar-powered thermister and a secondary output from either an RTD or Thermocouple. Digital Twin-Temp Thermometer places two accurate sensing elements in one location. The Digital Twin-Temp Thermometer's fully-welded construction is excellent for multiple applications such as chemical/petrochemical processing, composting, turbines and power generation. The 3" dial offers easy-to-read digital temperature to .1-degree increments in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scales. The ceramic thermister's requirement of only 35 LUX to operate its 3-volt solar cell adds to its versatility. Because the instrument is hermetically sealed, the Digital Twin-Temp Thermometer meets ASME-B40.3 standards. Additionally, the 304 stainless steel stem can be ordered from 2 1/2" to 48" and is adaptable for many angles.



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Fuel thermometers

 Thermometers. Jet Fuel Quality Control. ASTM Thermometers