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Jet Fuel Equipment  and Jet Fuel Quality Control

Jet fuel equipment
 FBO supplies

Some FBO Supplies. Click on flash

Into-plane fueling equipment
Jet fuel equipment for all stages is a specialized supplier of jet fuel equipment and related material. We maintain a large inventory of spare parts to help satisfy our Domestic & International Customers. has an experienced Sales Staff that will continue to strive for improved customer satisfaction while providing "sole Sourcing" of products and staying competitively priced in the industry. We welcome FBOīs calls.  Hannay reels,
Epoxy coated fuel sample bucket
,  Prist,
Stadis 450 ,
OPW nozzles are amongst the
products we offe


Prist. Anti-icing Aviation Fuel Additive. Prist
Anti-icing Aviation Fuel Additive.
We also carry
Stadis 450.


 Album-Refueling Nozzles

See OPW overwing nozzles

Carter and Whittaker underwing  nozzle

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    about Hannay static grounding reels

Static Discharge Reels pixs - Album

Static discharge. Electrical grounding

 Aviation fuel labels and decals
  Aviation fuel labels and decals

Epoxy coated S.S sample bucket

Shell water detector
Video sample below

Jet fuel quality control 

This section covers all of the products associated with the safe storage and distribution of quality jet fuel at all major airports for the commercial and military aviation industry. Recognized industry inspection procedures and safety checks of jet fuel are required to efficiently help minimize introduction of contaminated or unacceptable jet fuel from being delivered to airline aircraft.
The listing of products in this specific section will help the user conform to industry standards for all of his aviation fueling operations.

Fuel sampling canMillipore
Fuel sampling canVelcon SwiftKit
Fuel sampling canVelcon Hydrokit
Fuel sampling canJet fuel hydrometer
Fuel sampling can 6 Pack Micro  sep


Good Year Aircraft Refueling Hoses

Good Year Aircraft Refueling Hoses
Aircraft Refueling Hose
Refueling hoses
Fuel hoses
Aviation Fuel Hoses
Fuel hose
We  test and certify.
Good Year brand aviation fuel hoses.

Aircraft Refueling hoses

FBO supplies

Velcon aviation fuel filter for
 Fuel Trucks and fixed facilities.

Velcon filter vessels

Velcon aviation fuel filter for fixed facility
Fuel sampling canVelcon Fuel Filter Vessels

Velcon Filters manufactures a range of vessels to remove solids, water and surfactants from jet fuel. Normal practice is to have filtration systems handle fuel into and out of tank storage. Velconīs products are at major airports on all continents and customers include major international oil companies, airlines, and airport operators.

Differential pressure gauge
Differential pressure gauge
Velcon filters. Low flow filters
Velcon filters. Low flow filters

  Hannay Reels


Jet fuel equipment

Jet fuel equipment for refineries,fuel terminals,and airports.Quaity control material for jet fuel at all its different stages; from the refinery until the aircraft refueliing system.

Refueler truck parts. Click on picture.

Fuel truck. Fuel tank truck. Tanker truck. Jet aircraft fueling. Fuel aviation
Fuel truck. Fuel tank truck.
Fueling system parts

Aviation gasoline  refueling truck parts
Camiones pipa - autotanques - para suministro
combustible de aviacion

Bottom Loading Systems
Closed Circuit Samplers
Deadman Controls
Preset / Registers / Printers
Pressure Gauges & Accessories
Pumps (All Types)
Swivel Joints
Etc. ( e-mail us) . Visit page


Fuel trucks. Parts for a refueler. Tank truck

  Jet fuel filters.

Refueling equipment. 

FBO supplies

Abastecimento Aeronaves 

Equipos combustible avion

Control calidad combustible

              1 Gal sampling can
Fuel sampling can. Fuel Sample Shipping Container  1 Gal sampling can shown


Click on picture
Fuel Probe Sampling Kits

  Refueling truck video in Youtube

Camion pipa combustible.  Video
Camion pipa combustible. PDF
Control calidad combustible aviacion




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We are technically capable  of interchanging your existing equipment with those of other manufacturers while  maintaining your installation
up to date and within the rigorous specs of the industry.

     Shell water detector pixs
                       SWD  video



The Shell Water Detector ( also seen in our Shell Water Detector pixs link) is a device for determining the presence of finely dispersed undissolved water in jet fuels at concentrations lower than those normally detectable by visual examination. Water dispersions of this type can result from the emulsification of a water/fuel mixture during pumping or from precipitation of dissolved water due to a fail in fuel temperature. For instructions on how to use the Shell Water Detector capsules watch the Shell Water Detector video above.  
Shell Water Detector en Espanol 

Shell Water Detector em Portugues



Fuel sample bucket
We also sell the gloves!
EPOXY COATED FUEL SAMPLE BUCKET -  Stainles steel expoxy coated bucket Shell water detector test - syringe. Test Shell SWD

SPECIAL "EPOXY COATED" S/S BUCKET -fuel sample buckets    We have the syringes in 5 ml and 10 ml


On this  site

Good Year aircraft refueling hoses

OPW overwing nozzles

Carter and Whittaker overwing nozzles

Velcon filters

Liquid Control meters.

Jet fuel Quality Control material

Fuel sample buckets

Fuel handling gloves clothing safety gear

Hannay reels. Hannay fuel reels. Hannay grounding reels


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                                            Fuel truck video in Youtube


Velcon Hydrokit and
MiniMonitor Kit. Mark II

Hydrokit_Velcon Hydrokit test
Velcon Hydrokit
Click on picture for test info
MiniMonitor Kit. Mark II

Closed Circuit Fuel Sampler

Shell Water Detector
The Shell Water Detector should be used as follows to check samples of jet fuels immediately after they are drawn.
a) Road vehicle and RTW drain samples - before discharge into airport storage.
b) Bottom samples from airport tanks - immediately before release.
c) Fueller and trailer compartment drain samples - after each replenishment.
d) Hydrant dispenser filter drain samples - after each aircraft fuelling.
e) Fueller filter drain samples - after
 the first aircraft fuelling, after filling or topping up either Fueller or trailer.
f) Drain samples from filtration equipment on  hydrant delivery and Refueller loading rack delivery.

Shell is a trademark of Shell Oil Company


  Closed Circuit Fuel Sampler

Product Id: 11510

Specification The Visual Check Fuel Sampler (VCFS) is a closed circuit fuel sampling system designed to provide a safe, easy and convenient method of carrying out the  industry standard Clear & Bright visual examination of aviation fuel. The vessel consists of a strong, clear glass tube sandwiched between a base and a hinged  lid assembly.

Fuel equip.

Shell water detector-
spanol _Portugûes


Please remember we also sell Hydrometers and Thermohydrometers for jet fuel API 39 - 51 and for Av-Gas
 Customers who inquired about hydrometers  also inquired about the products below:

 - Millipore Membranes Kit.
 - Micro separometer Six Pack kit.
 - Hydrometer for Jet Fuel.
 -ThermoHydrometer for Jet Fuel.
 - Kolor Kut water finding paste.
 - Kolor Kut gas finding paste.
 - Microbial contamination test.
 - API Gravity and Density Calculator.
 - Jet fuel color rating chart – Color
  rating Guide in accordance with ASTM 
 D2276 (IP-216)
 -One Gallon epoxy coated sampling can ( black)
 -Carton to ship one gallon epoxy
  coated sampling can ( black)
 - 1 liter sample can.
 - Shell Water Detector. Kit of 80  
 - Hydrokit. HK-25-15.
-  Prist Hi-Flash antiicing addtive
- Velcon Aqua Glo water detector
- Velcon SwiftKit

Hydrometers. Thermohydrometers. API 39 - 51 hydrometers
 ASTM Fuel Hydrometers